Definite Article: (al)  Nominal subject

We learned in that previous lesson that, most noun end with "Tanween" () and it corresponds to English indefinite article "a" or "an" (in most cases).  
When we have to make a specific reference, , one of it kind or limiting certain type of things or person etc.  We just put "al" in front (prefixed) of a common noun.  It corresponds to English definite article "The" (in most cases).  other meaning may be possible e.g. All, most, being, who etc.  
Conversion: (1) prefix
  (2) change dammatain () into simply dhamaah    


All Praise

Human (an)

Human being

Prophet (a)

The Prophet

Other rules relating to subject agreement and assimilation rule we will in next lessons 

Practice Exercise:
Using above rule convert the following indefinite noun into definite article 

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