Arabic Grammar  


In order to derive full benefit from the Glorious Qur'an , it must be read and comprehend in the language it was reveled.  The reading of translation of  Qur'an in ones own language is not the same as reading Qur'an in Arabic.  It is said, the the Qur'an cannot be fully appreciated merely reciting without understanding and one does not feel the same pleasure, joy and satisfaction as one experience otherwise.  The Translations of Holy Qur’an have been made in all the important languages of the world, which is more or less serviceable to those who do not know Arabic. It is to be remembered, however, that it is in the original Arabic language that the message has come down to us . The Holy Qur'an cannot be interpreted by mere translation or inadequate knowledge of the Arabic.  The meaning of the Qur'an  without the reliable commentary notes and explanation could be misleading for common readers.  There are few reliable exegesis( tafsir) available that must be consulted and may be study under the supervision reliable teachers who are also known for their piety. 


In Arabic, nearly all  nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and determiners even verbs are classified  into either masculine or feminine and there are no  neuter (common)  gender forms in Arabic.  In comparison the English, the distinction between masculine and feminine is limited to people and, occasionally, other living things.  All other objects are neuter., however, the Old English did have gender divisions in nouns, adjectives, and pronouns. Today, in modern English, third person singular pronouns (he/she/it) are the only reminder of the past.   Aside from humans and, occasionally, other living things, English nouns, adjectives and articles have no gender. 

In Arabic nearly all nouns, pronouns, adjective and verbs are classified into three numbers (1) singular, (2) dual (for two) (3) plural (more than two)  Arabic has an additional number which not found in English  between singular and plural that . the dual for two.   The inflections (ending) of these words are relatively difficult to remember  for the beginners.   In comparison, in  English mostly  nouns are divided into either singular or plural form and  plural form are created  simply by adding the letter "s" in most cases.

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