Letter Alif is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, is belongs to partial- connecting group of letters -  this letter can only  be connected from it right side.   A glottal stop, like 'a' in apple 'i' in ink 'u' in umlaut

The sound of letter Alif and Hamza is identical.  The Holy Qur'an printed in sub-continent Indo-Pakistan  instead of  printing  Hamzah over Alif (where a hamzah comes in the middle of a word and is shown riding an Alif such as  ) it is simply denoted by sukun sign and Hamzah is pronounced.  But in the copies of the Holy Qur'an  printed in Egypt, Turkey,  Saudi Arabic and elsewhere a Hazah with a sukun is actually printed over Alif and  this is in fact, is the correct script. example

Similar shape group    None      

Letter Alif  is  pronounced from the emptiness in the mouth   



Huroof Haw'yah