Letter Raais belongs to partial- connecting group of letters -  this letter may only  connected from its right side.   The close similar sound in English are "  in  etc.   

                 Independent / Initial 


Similar shape group        

Letter Raa  is pronounced from  the sides of the tongue up to the end will touch the gums of the molars. 

This letter is articulated from the tip of the tongue and what lies opposite to it from the gum of the two front top incisors. is articulated a bit forward on the gums from the place of the . This letter is not always pronounced clearly, and the articulation point is only applied when it is pronounced clearly, namely when it has a vowel on it, or if it has a sukoon on it and is followed by one of the following six letters:  The rules for the when it has no vowel (saakinah), and is not followed by one of the above six letters, will be explained later, insha’ Allah. 




The letter Raa