Letter Sheen  is belongs to connecting group of letters -  this letter may be connected from both side.   The close similar sound in English are 


Similar shape group          

Letter Sheen  is pronounced  when center of the tongue touches the hard  palate (plates of the two front top incisors)  

These three letters are emitted from the tip of the tongue and the plates of the two front top incisors, at a point just above the two front lower incisors. There is a little space left in between the tip of the tongue and the plates of the teeth when pronouncing these letters. The term “plate” refers to the long axis of the tooth, and in this case, the long axis that is on the internal side, rather than the external side of the teeth.  These letters are also called the letters, which means “whistle”. They are called that due to the accompany whistle type sound heard when they are emitted properly. 



Huroofush Sharjiyah