Letter Daad  is belongs to connecting group of letters -  this letter may be connected from both side.   The close similar sound in English are 


Similar shape group          

Letter Daad  is pronounced when up turned side or sides of the tongue touches the upper back teeth (pre-molars) 

There are two letters that use the side of the tongue for articulation. They do not use the same part of the side of the tongue, rather the uses the posterior two thirds of the side (or edge) of the tongue, and the uses the anterior one third (closest to the mouth) portion of the side of the tongue. Is articulated from the one or both sides of the tongue and from the molars and the gum area next to the molars. The posterior one third of the side of the tongue is used for this letter. This letter can be articulated from one side (right or left) of the tongue alone, or from both sides of the tongue simultaneously. Articulating this letter from the left side is easier and more common than using the right side. The Prophet pronounced this letter from both sides of the tongue. has the characteristic of sticking to the roof of the mouth, as well as tafkheem (heaviness), so the tongue sticks up and raises up when pronouncing it. 




Letter Daad