Tajweed Rules Chart   Helpful tool for advance learner

First time viewer - please download Arabic Fonts before viewing : Please do not forget to remember the name of the folder where you save this file: 
Step1: download Fonts
 click here Traditional Arabic fonts [TTF file].

Step 2: To install the Traditional Arabic Font  The instruction below might vary depending of Windows operating system e.g. Windows 98 - Widnows xp etc.
1. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel/Fonts
2. From main menu File/ Install New Font 
3. Under Folders, select the directory in which you have stored your Fonts. The fonts appear under the List of Fonts area. 
4. Click Select All
5. Click Ok
The required fonts are installed now.

  Chart of Tajweed Rules Basic to Advance level   by Syed Mohamed Bukhari  

For slower internet connection it is recommend that you download Tajwweed pdf file and run directly from your machine To Save press right Mouse button on the link and select "SAVE TARGET AS"  
or save file from the browser menu -  follow the remaining instructions  

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