Extract from Ma'ariful Qur'an, a comprhensive Urdu commentroy of the Holy Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, (in 8 volumns) revised by Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani english translation by Prof. Muhammad Hasan Askari, Prof. Muhammad Shamim.  Published by Makatba-e-Darul-Uloom Karachi

Surah Al-Maidah

Verse 1 Background of revelation and a summary of subjects Commentary The Logic of the Lawful Living under the Authority and Wisdom of the Creator

Verse 2  Linkage of Verses Background Commentary The Qur'anic Principle of Mutual Cooperation and Assistance The Formation of Separate Nations The Teaching of the Qur'an about Nationalism and Universalism 

Verse 3 Commentary The Islamic Principle of Celebrating Festive Occasions Understanding Important Meanings of the Verse Unlawfulness of Animals: Exception under Compulsion

Verse 4 Commentary

Verse 5 The slaughter of the people of the Book Atheist Jews and Christians are not the People of the Book:

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