How are you?

Kuro haal aae ?
what   condition is?
AeaN joe kuro haal eye? 
  you of what  condition is?

 I am well

Theak aae
excate/well  is

Are you a Canadian?

Kuro aaeN Canadian yoe?
what   you    Canadian is ?   or
AaeN (a) Canadian yoe?
 you (a) Canadian is ?

Do you like Memoni?

Kuro aaeN-kay Memoni  pasand eye?
what     to you    Memoni   liking   is?    or
AaeN-kay Memoni pasand eye?
to you Memoni  linking is ?          


Yes, I like it very much

HaN, me-kay bahuj pasand eye
  yes    to me   very much  liking   is

What is your name?

Kuro naam AeaN-joe eye?
what  name   to you     is ?   or
AeaN-joe naam kuro eye ?
your          name  what  is?

My name is Siddique

Me-joe naam Siddiuqe  eye
my         name  Siddique eye

Where do you work?

Key-tay aeaN    kum karo-ta?
    where    you (polite)    job     do ?
Key-tay tu    kum karay-to?
where       you  job   do ?

Who are you?

AeaN  care yoe?
you (p)  who  is?
tu   care eye?
you  who  is?

I am an accountant

AeaNvo accountnat yan
I  am       accountant  is?

Do you also in the Government?

Kuro aeaN Government may be   yoe?
What   you     Government in   also is?
AeaN Government may be yoe ?
You     Government in   also is?

No, I am in a firm as an accountant

Na , AeaN-w akri firm may accountant yoe?
 No,   I am       a      firm  in    accountant is?

How long have you been in Canada?

AeaN key-tray      waqt se    Caanada may yoe?
 You     how much   time from  Canada  in   is?

Iíve been here since 1973

AeaNw onriso tawntair se e-tay  yaN
I am        1900    73     in   here    is 

Where are you from?

Key-tay se aeaN yoe?
where     from you  is/are
AeaN key-tay se yoe?
You    where   from  is

I am from Pakistan

AeaN Pakistan se avivo-yaN

Are you from which locality?

AeaN key-yai jegay se yoe

I am from Bantva

AeaN Bantva-ay se yaN

Where is you home in Canada?

Where do you live (domicile) in Canada?

AeaN-joe gher Canada may kin jeguy se I

Aean-je reehyeas Canada may key-tay I

I live in Montreal

ANwv Montreal may rahiN-to

What is your address

AeaN-joe address kuro I

What is your number? (phone or home)

AeaN-joe number kuro I

What is your home number?

AeaN-jai Ghar joe number kuro I

Do you have any relatives in Pakistan

Kuro AeaN-ja koe rishtaydar Pakistan may-Inn

No, we have none there

Na, AsaN-joe koe-be otay naay

Yes, Our all relatives are still there

HaN, AsaN-ja bathay rishtaydar otay-j hinn

Do you still have your mother and Father in Pakistan

Kuro AeaN-ja Ma Bap ajee-be Pakistan may inn

No, Our parents are (alrighty) passed-away

Na, AeaN sa ja parents gujri via inn

Where is your home in Karachi?

AeaN-joe ghar Karachi may key-tay I

My home in Karachi in Burns Road Area

Me-joe ghar Karachi may Burns Road tay I

When and where were you (polite) born?

AeaN keday nay key-tai payda thiya wa

When and where were you born?

TuN keday nay key-tai payda thiyo wo

I was born in 1959 in Hydrabad?

AeaN onriso pinja may nay Hydrabad may payda thiyo vo

What does he do?

E kuro kerayto

Urdu is pleasing

Urdu sari laghati

He is not there

E atay naay

He is a doctor

E doctor I

He is not a doctor

E doctor naay

He has been a taxman for Governemnt for twenty years

E vi ver si tax waro Government lie kum keray to

My office is not far from here

Me-jee Office bahuj dur na-ay

Do you know Pir Mohammed

Kuro AaeN Pir Mohammed kay jeanrota

Does he know Mohammedís house

Kuro E Mohammed joe ghar jeanrayto

Yes, it is just in front

HaN, E bilcool samnay I

Very good, Thank you

Bahu saro, Myhrbani

Does Siddique live in this house?

Kuro Siddique E ghar may rayhto

Yes He is inside

HaN, E ender aea

Who is it?

Care I?

Siddique wants to meet with you

Siddique kay aaeN say millno I

What is his name?

Hin-joe naam kuro I

I would like to see you

AaNw InSay millna chahunto

All right, Iíam coming

Theek I , AaNw achai to

These are my two daughters

E muNjiw bo dihuio I

He study in university

E university may perhayto

In which university does he study

E key university may perhayto

Does he study in McGill

Kuro E Mcgill may perhayto

These are my two sons , this is the oldest son

E meja bow chukara inn, E mejo wado chukro I

What does he do?

E kuro kerayto

He studies in university

E university may ounaito

I go to office every morning

Aaw her sevaray office say ounato

He goes to school every day and also in the evening work in my fatherís office

E her rose school may ounaito nay beo samjo E mejay Pai jee Office may kum kerayto

This is my youngest son, He is not working nor he goes to school

E mujo nundow chukro aae , E kum be natho keray nay E school may be natho ounay

Where is his school

Innjee school kitay aae

It is near our home, behind the big buillidng and in front of a bank

E assa jay ghar se watay aae, wadi building jay wasay nay bank jay samnay

Now, I would like to leave

HaNay avw halirio aae

I want to invite you to dinner for tomorrow


I was inivited for a dinner at my motherís place yesterday


What time is the dinner


Dinner is at six oíclock