A preposition is a word governs a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element, as in:

in Pakistan  - Pakistan may - 
for meal  -       khain  jee         -

Unlike English,  in Memoni the preposition is generally comes after a noun or a verb

across samay after baadmay against  
among sathmay before phalay for  
but mager behind wasay from  
concerning mamlay may below neechay in  
under /below/ down nechay between derminmay??    
with watay down neechay    
within witchmay inside under    
without vegair near nejdik    
under/ inside under on upper    
    outside bahar    

In Memoni, frequently  the preposition attach to a  word  "may" meaning "in" like in English compound prepositions  such as : in case of , in case of ,  instead of  etc.