(2)  Akro Chowkidar akray Chor kay pakri gini nay rassi say bandhi nay zameen tay sumari dini.  (Memoni text)

Akro Chowkidar     akray Chor  kay pakri   gini               nay   rassi   say    bandhi nay    zameen      tay  sumari      dini.
a      Security-man   a        thief   to     arrest  give/made  and  string  with  tied       and    floor/earth   on   lie down   give/made

A      Security-man  to  a thief        made arrest   and   tied with string    and   made lied down on floor  
A Security-man made arrest of a thief and tied (him) down and made (him) lied down on (the) floor.