Note: Level 2 deals with mainly Makharij ( points of articulation) correct pronoucation of Arabic Alphabet.  The Level 2 is completely independent  to other levels (1 to 8) and offers aid to those who may have problem with certain letters.

1. Arabic Alphabet

 Alif   Baa  Taa  Thaa  Jeem  Haa  Khaa  Daal  Dhaal  Raa  Zaa  
Seen  Sheen   Saad   Daad   Taa   Zaa   Ain   Ghain  Faa  Qaaf
 Kaa  Laam   Meem  Nun   Waw  Haa   Hamza  Yaa    

2. Makharij of Letters (points of articulation)

  1. Huroof Haw'yah
  2. Letters of Aqsa-e-Halq  
  3. Letters of Halq
  4. Letters of Adnal Halq  
  5. The Letter Qaff  
  6. Letter of Kaff   
  7. Huroofush Sharjiyah   
  8. Letter Daad  
  9. Letter Laam 
  10. The Letter Noon
  11. The letter Raa
  12. Huroofun Nat'iyyah  
  13. Hurooful Lathwiyya   
  14. Huroofus Safier  
  15. The Letter Faa  
  16. The Letters Baa, Meem and Waaw  
  17. Ghunna

3. Certain Arabic letters having similar sound Practice   
Letter Alif Hamza and Ya

Letter Ta and Ta  

Letter Ha and Ha  

Letter Dhaal zaa daad  zaa

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